1492 Columbus fleet sets sail in part due to cannabis

  • Sails and rope made from Hemp.
  • Stories of seeds as food during the journey and crops once landed.

1616 Jamestown: The first permanent English settlement

  • Sails and rope continue to be made as are clothes and other goods.
  • It became ILLEGAL NOT TO GROW hemp many of the colonies
  • Used as a currency and pay taxes.

1937 The marijuana Tax Act

  • Nationwide criminalization of cannabis begins.

1970 Controlled Substances Act

  • Repeal of Marijuana Tax Act
  • Listed as a schedule 1 (one) drug

1978 New Mexico

  • First state to pass legislation on the medicinal use of marijuana.

2019 Major Changes

  • 33 States have legalized medicinal marijuana.
  • Ten ( 10 ) states have legalized recreational marijuana.
  • Institutional big business players buying into the industry.

US Venture Capital Investment

  • Over 20 Billion Dollars Invested
  • Over 240 Major Deals

The Future

  • Forecast growth of 16 Billion in the next 3 years.