The Art of Cannabis : A Visual Tour

There are millions of images of marijuana plants and buds on the Internet, sold as prints and posters, and bound in books–but few bring new life to the subject. In this book, photographer Chris LaPrise offers a view of the plant “through a different lens,” capturing intricate detail through macro photography and using postproduction processes (including the creation of mirrored images) to produce highly artistic, hypnotic impressions of cannabis that “don’t actually exist, but are there to be found and brought into the light.”

Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness

A safe, comprehensive, and easy-to-use guide to using cannabis–including CBD and THC–to ease chronic and acute health issues such as pain, insomnia, inflammation, depression, anxiety, grief, stress, and more, from the founder of a global cannabis wellness network and an osteopathic physician.

Pot in Pans : A History of Eating Cannabis

Pot in Pans: A History of Eating Weed is a comprehensive history of cannabis as a unique culinary ingredient, from ancient India and Persia to today’s explosive new market. Cannabis, the hottest new global food trend, has been providing humans with nutrition, medicine, and solace – against all odds – since the earliest cavepeople discovered its powers. In colorful detail, the book explores the debate over the cannabis plant’s taxonomy and nomenclatur …

Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany

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Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary exploration of the natural origins and early evolution of this famous plant, highlighting its historic role in the development of human societies. Cannabis has long been prized for the strong and durable fiber in its stalks, its edible and oil-rich seeds, and the psychoactive and medicinal compounds produced by its female flowers.

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