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Cannabis tea is an ancient, sacred and honored highly effective traditional medicine that has been used for many different uses in many different cultures across the globe. Tea brewed from marijuana can be made in a number of different ways depending on the desired effect. The natural effect heat of the water releases the beneficial elements.

Cannabis Tea has been used Around The World for it’s Amazing Benefits.
Cannabis tea is one of the world’s oldest medicines. In fact, there is a mountain of proof that cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years across huge geographical areas.

Cannabis Tea is an excellent way to enjoy the wonderful feeling and effects THC offers in this amazing herb without having to inhale any smoke or vape. Cannabidiol (CBD) tea harnesses the mindful health benefits without THC, thus no psychoactive effects.

Some of our world’s oldest civilizations like China, Egypt, India, and the Caribbean—all have a history of using cannabis to treat illnesses and diseases.

Seasonal Collection

Our seasonal varietals offer a variety of benefits from beauty, pain management, insomnia an overall sense of well being while helping with many ailments.

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Cannabis Library has partnered with leading  handpicked suppliers in the medical and recreational CBD / cannabis industry to bring you a wealth of information and best-in-class product, gear, gadgets and trending apparel.

Cannabis Families

There are literally thousands of different cannabis strains, all with varying growing traits, tastes, aromas, yields and effects; but they all have something in common:

They belong to one of these three families of cannabis – Sativa, Indica or Ruderalis.


Sativas can grow very tall, smell sweeter than indicas and contain relatively large amounts of THC. They have more of a buzzy energetic, creative ‘high’ and activating effect. Great for activities, that next Photoshop Project or a Good Concert.


Indica is a shorter robust plant, more intense, less sweet than the smell of a sativa , often a bit pungent in odor. Indica plants contain higher levels of CBD and have a more ‘stoned’ and relaxing effect. Good for pain management and sleep.


Ruderalis is a very small plant with a short flowering period. It’s indigenous to Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia adapted to cool environments with little light and short days. Ruderalis usually has very low THC levels and therefore good for CBD.

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Join the Cana-Tea Club and enjoy a variety of premium cannabis based teas shipped directly to your home throughout the year! Monthly Creative Flavorful Varieties.


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